Bodywork Beginnings

My foray into bodywork began several years ago after completing my doctorate in physical therapy

when I discovered the art of manual therapy. This launched a deep exploration of manual therapy and

the osteopathic traditions that it arose from. The foundations of osteopathy resonated strongly with

me, including the understanding that our bodies have an innate wisdom and fundamental ability to heal

themselves. It also led me to a deep understanding of the interconnection between our physical,

emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. I developed an appreciation for the complex and myriad connections

between seemingly distant parts of the body and an understanding of the importance of identifying and

addressing the true source of dysfunction in the body rather than just the area of complaint. As my work

grew I found that trauma, stress, and difficult emotions were often at the root of physical discomfort.



     Going Beyond the Body

I discovered Internal Family Systems (IFS) through my own healing journey and again found that the

foundations of the model resonated with me, including the understanding of a deep inner wisdom of

the Self and an innate ability to heal and find balance and mental clarity. IFS acknowledges the deep

connections between the various parts of our psyche and seeks to understand the source of our

challenges. This led me to my vision for combing this psychotherapeutic modality with the bodywork I

was already doing and spurred me to complete my Level I IFS training. The completion of this training marked the

inspiration and genesis of Feeling Centered Bodywork, which offers a unique and artful blend of mind-body healing.



     above all

I love this work because it facilitates healing on many levels, enabling each individual to develop a deeper connection

to their body and their true self, restoring balance between body and mind.